Polestar O₂ Concept Is One Epic Looking Electric Roadster

About two years ago, we got our first look at the Polestar Precept concept which was a hint at the future of the company.

Fast forward to today and we get to see the Polestar O₂ concept which used the four-door prototype as inspiration but it is now a gorgeous four-seat roadster.

Polestar claims it will redefine “sports roadsters for the electric age” and we are not disagreeing with them on that.

If it ever reaches production, it will be the brand’s hero car and we hope it does as it has some serious presence.

That presence comes from a bold take on the brand’s new styling cues introduced on the Precept. Massive wheels with an intricate, star-like design upfront highlight an unusually short hood for either a roadster or a grand tourer, a unique product of the car’s all-electric architecture. When it’s up, the hardtop is particularly aggressively-raked. The pillar just behind it indicates the car’s current charging level.

Behind that, massive fenders jut out ahead of a full-length taillight that extends past a rounded back to create a particularly aggressive K-tail. This look is completed in part by a complicated raised section above the rear sets that looks something like an interpretation of engine cover of a supercar.

The O₂ is not only fun but also friendly to the environment. All soft components of the interior are made of recycled polyester, including foam, adhesive, 3D knit fibres and non-woven lamination. Different grades of aluminium, mostly from recycled aluminium, are used throughout the chassis.

To capture the experience, there is an industry-first autonomous drone that exists only to film the car while it is being driven. The cinematic drone is integrated behind the rear seats and was designed to be deployable while the vehicle is in motion and to fly above it and film driving scenes. This is possible thanks to a special aerofoil that raises behind the rear seats to create a calm area of negative pressure that allows the drone to take off when the car is on the move.

“What is driving a performance car really, in the modern-day? It’s certainly not about making the fastest lap. It is about creating a moment that you will maintain in your memory. Here, that you’ll have the possibility to share and capture. You can make it that much less of an egoistic experience, something that more people can participate in.” says Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath.

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