Porsche 356 by Electrogenic 2022 UK review

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Electric conversion allows owner to get more use out of a classic. And if it’s not your cup of tea, you don’t have to drink it

This is a Porsche 356 with an electric motor where the engine used to be. Curious.Electrogenic, the Oxfordshire EV-conversion company behind it, thinks it might be the first electrified original 356 in existence, made at the behest of the car’s owner, who wants to drive a zero-emissions classic in town and whose family didn’t much like driving it when it had an engine.They also get to keep the original 1.6-litre flat four, though, in case they ever want to put it back. The process is reversible; in a way, it has to be if you want to keep a car’s original registration. There’s a points-based system for keeping modified cars on their original identity, and a certain number of those have to be accrued from an unmodified chassis, else you could end up with a Q-plate, which you don’t want on a 1963 Porsche.Anyway, the modifications here – and they’re very subtly and artfully done – involve adding a 36kWh battery and inverter and associated gubbins dotted throughout the car, including in the boot, and a 120bhp electric motor where the engine was in the back, still driving through the standard four-speed manual gearbox. The owner didn’t have to have it that way (it could be a single-speed transmission) but preferred the idea of keeping that driver engagement.The whole set-up adds only around 35kg to the kerb weight.