Porsche To Simplify All Of Its Vehicle Apps Into One: My Porsche App

The jobs done by the My Porsche Essentials, Connect App, and Car Connect App will all now be done by a new smartphone app called the My Porsche App that will give owners information about their car, its fluid levels, and more.

The automaker intends the app to centralize all of its smart device activities, so it will also soon do the jobs of the Porsche Charging and Porsche – Good to Know apps as well. By doing that, the automaker hopes to simplify the lives of its customers.

Compatible with vehicles from the 2016 model year onwards, the app allows users to see important vehicle parameters and can be used as a remote control for certain functions. It can even help drivers with the charging process, it can contact their dealer, book appointments, and more.

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In combustion vehicles, the My Porsche app can connect to the car, show important fluid levels, and inform the owner of the vehicle’s status. It knows the current mileage, the vehicle’s locations, and can show statistics from past trips. Owners can also use the app to lock or unlock their vehicles, control the air-conditioning system, and the auxiliary heating in EVs. It even has a digital owner’s manual with helpful videos to help you complete a job.

Finally, the app can also sync your car with your phone, meaning that your calendar, your streaming accounts, and other apps can be accessed from your vehicle’s infotainment system.

The My Porsche app is available in 47 countries and 25 languages on Apple iOS (14 and later) and devices running Android 8 or later. Customers can sign into the app with their Porsche ID. Some functions may vary depending on location, model year, and model.

The My Porsche will be available for the following vehicles:

Porsche 718 Boxster, 718 Cayman (from the 2016 model year)
Porsche 911 (from the 2016 model year)
Porsche Panamera (from the 2016 model year)
Porsche Macan (from the 2016 model year)
Porsche Cayenne (from the 2016 model year)
Porsche Taycan