Pune RTO officials seize 65 Rapido bikes in one day

After Karnataka Police took action on the bike-taxi app users – Rapido by seizing more than 120 motorcycles, Pune RTO has done something similar. The RTO team seized as many as 65 motorcycles after receiving complaints. The autorickshaw association filed a complaint against the two-wheelers that are used to ferry passengers using the Rapido bike taxi app.

The RTO team seized as many as 65 motorcycles from different parts of the city. The Regional Transport Officer Ajit Shinde also assured the autorickshaw association that the campaign will continue in the future as well. Shinde also appealed to the commuters to not use unsafe and illegal motorcycles to travel around.

The Pune RTO seized the motorcycles only a few days after the Karnataka police took similar steps. In Bengaluru, Karnataka, as many as 120 two-wheelers were seized that were registered under the Rapido app in just four hours.

Private registration illegal to use as a taxi

Rapido ride-hailing app allows owners of motorcycles to use them as a taxi. However, according to the laws, it is illegal and one cannot use a private vehicle as a taxi. The government provides yellow registration plates that can be used commercially. The authorities charge a different tax for such registrations and even the insurance is different. That’s the same reason given by the RTO and the police department as well.

Authorities acting on the complaint autorickshaw owners

Rapido Bike Taxi Service

The cops and the authorities are acting against Rapido bikes after the autorickshaw unions protested against the app. The rivalry between autorickshaw drivers and bike-taxi operators took an ugly turn when the former staged a heavy protest against the use of bike taxis in Bengaluru.

The autorickshaw drivers are claiming that if the whiteboard bike taxis are allowed to ply on the roads, they should also be allowed with whiteboards. Due to their more competitive fare charges, bike-taxi operators like Rapido are offering significant competition to the autorickshaw drivers, who are saying that they have already suffered massive losses in their earnings due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In Pune as well, the authorities only acted after the autorickshaw union filed a complaint against the Rapido rides.

Expressing his disappointment over the matter, Pavan Guntupalli, co-founder, Rapido, said that the riders of the bike taxis are harassed without any valid reason, just because autorickshaw drivers are protesting against the competition from the bike taxis. He affirmed that Rapido is a law-abiding company and has been operating under the boundaries of the law, and even is a regular tax-paying entity in all the states in which it has its presence.

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