Radical SR10 2022 review

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GT3-fast track-day special gains new engine map and enhanced safety

There is no shortage of hugely expensive track-biased supercars playing on their manufacturers’ motorsport heritage, but they will always be tribute acts. The Radical SR10 is very much the real thing.No, you can’t drive it on road – at least not legally – but for anyone seeking an off-the-shelf race car that’s faster than a factory GT3, or just a way of dominating a top-end track day, the Radical’s value-for-money proposition is close to unbeatable.Changes for 2022 have sharpened its case further, with the SR10 sitting above the SR1 and Radical SR3 in the clan. It has been given a new engine map, better cockpit ergonomics through a repositioned steering column and options of both uprated brakes and a nifty new Formula 1-inspired halo-style protection system that wraps tightly around the cockpit.