Russian Vlogger Blows Up A Perfectly Good BMW M5 Competition For The Views

A Russian vlogger known online as LITVIN has made headlines for destroying yet another luxury sedan, this time a BMW M5 Competition.

The vlogger first caught our attention in October 2020 when he set his Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S alight in an apparent protest against a local Mercedes-Benz dealership allegedly refusing to repair it. That video now has over 28 million views. A few months later, he followed up this clip with another brazen stunt, driving a brand new Porsche Taycan through the window of a Porsche dealership. This clip has over 7 million views.

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Fast forward to February 2022 and it was a BMW M5 Competition the vlogger decided to destroy. The car was apparently owned by one of his friends and local publication ASTV claims he decided to destroy the super sedan to pay his “respects” to a friend killed while driving a BMW M4 Competition in Moscow last year. We’re sure the promise of raking up millions of views was also a motivating factor for destroying the M5.

In the clip, LITVIN can be seen driving the car through the snow and parking it up in a field. He douses it in gasoline and then begins to fire flaming arrows towards it. After a few near-misses, he hits the BMW and it explodes in a massive fireball, likely because it had also been laden with explosives. Pieces of wreckage come within feet of hitting the vlogger and his crew who were filming the whole stunt.

Unsurprisingly, the video is already proving to be a hit, and just one day after its release, it had generated over 5.2 million views. Given that this is the third time the YouTuber has either destroyed or damaged a luxury sedan, we wouldn’t be shocked if he decides to do something similar in the future.


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