Setel automated parking payment available at KLCC

You can now use your Setel e-wallet for automated parking payment at Suria KLCC, with more locations like KLCC Convention Centre and KLCC Lot 91 set to support the feature in the future. Here’s how you get it to work.

Firstly, you’ll need to already be a registered Setel user and key in your vehicle details in the “Parking” menu, which is located in the “More” section of the app – make sure it is the latest version.

Once your vehicle has been added, tap the toggle next to the number plate and enter your PIN/biometric identification to enable automated parking payment. You can register more than one vehicle under your account but only a single enabled vehicle at a time can be selected for the automated parking session.

From there, you simply need to enter through the dedicated Setel lane at Suria KLCC. An automated number plate recognition (ANPR) system will read your vehicle’s number plate and verify it as the enabled vehicle before permitting entry. You can check your parking duration and other details in real-time using the Setel app after you’ve parked.

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When exiting, the ANPR will once again read your vehicle’s number plate and end the active parking session, with the parking fee automatically deducted from your Setel e-wallet balance. While you can enter the parking with a low balance (no minimum amount required), you won’t be allowed to leave if there’s insufficient funds to pay the parking fee. For now, you can only use the Setel e-wallet to pay, although more payment options will be added, according to the FAQ.

Unlike other methods of parking payment, there’s no need to pay at a kiosk before exiting or tap a payment card (credit card or Touch ‘n Go) at the exit reader. For example, Sunway Pyramid’s smart parking system also uses ANPR, but you’ll have to pay at a kiosk, tap your payment card at the exit or scan a QR code that takes you to a webpage to make a payment. Setel’s method is more automated since you only need to enable your vehicle and ensure there’s enough balance in the e-wallet.

Have you tried Setel’s automated parking system yet? Share your experience using it in the comments below.

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