Sick Week Day 5: This Is NOT How You Want To End Your Run!

Racing at SGMP on Day 4 took it’s toll on some of the racers of Sick Week 2022, and it showed once we arrive at Bradenton. With the longest drive of the event being from SGMP to Bradenton there was no doubt the road miles did some damage and that the pressure to win was getting to some of the racers. They were pushing their rides to the limits even harder than normal and it showed. Check it out in the latest video from 1320Video.

Video Description:

The final day of Sick Week 2022 is here! After hundreds of miles of driving we found ourselves back at Bradenton Motorsports Park! The highest of highs for some people came today by winning their classes, setting PR’s, and reminiscing on what an incredible event this really was. On the flip side of that coin, other people didn’t get the final pass they wanted and unfortunately we had a couple scary accidents on the track. We hope you guys enjoyed this coverage and we’ll see you next year! Watch more from Sick Week 2022!:

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