Tata Tiago breaks 8-inch thick concrete wall in a bizarre crash

Tata Tiago, which has received a four-star crash test rating from G-NCAP shows its ultimate strength in many accident cases. This new incident shows Tiago going through a wall without any major damage. The pictures are collected in a video by Nikhil Rana.

The video shows the Tata Tiago through a thick 8-inch wall. There are not many signs of damage in the hatchback though. The bumper has now come off the car while there are a few scratches on the front as well.

How did this accident happen? Well, no know seems to know that. It looks like the Tata Tiago crashed into the wall by someone who does not know driving. But it looks like the wall already had a few cracks on it and the impact by Tiago brought it down completely.

The Tiago did a great job though and there are almost no signs of damage on the vehicle.

Tata Tiago fell from the 1st floor some time ago

Only a few months ago, a confused customer pressed the accelerator instead of the brake and the car fell from the 1st floor of the showroom. The incident happened at Select Cars, which is an authorized dealership of Tata Motors. It is one of the biggest showrooms located at the Alkapuri Cross Road, Nagole Colony in Hyderabad.

There were two customers inside the vehicle at the time of the accident and both of them reported minor injuries. Both the customers were admitted to a hospital and then released later.

It should be noted that Tata Motors is promoting Tiago with such advertisements. The Tiago is the safest car in the segment according to the ratings by Global NCAP. It has received as many as four stars. However, the footwell and the structure of the vehicle have been rated as unstable.

Tata Motors has one of the best safety-rated model line-ups in India. The Tata Tiago and Tigor have four-star safety ratings while the Tata Altroz and the Tata Nexon have full five-star safety ratings. Other vehicles like the Harrier is yet to be tested by the safety rating agency.

Many Tata owners thank the build quality

Many owners of Tata Motor cars have thanked the build quality of the vehicles in the past. Many people post about the accidents they have been through and then thank the quality of the car. Tata currently offers the largest number of cars with 4 star and 5-star safety ratings.

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