Tech Tip Tuesday: Does Brake Caliper Location Matter?

I’ve seen a lot of arguments over the years about placing calipers on a vehicle and have even seen “engineers” trying to explain the dynamic forces at play both to dispel the myth that location matters and to prove that it is not a myth. I’ve seen load cell data that might suggest there is a motion movement change in certain circumstances but the data required such precise sensors as to be too small a force to realize in any kind of real-world application. So why then are some calipers on the front of the axle or front spindle and some are at the rear? Packaging is the answer, packaging.

The only thing that matters when setting up a brake system is that you can bleed that system effectively which means that mounting the calipers so that they have a bleeder pointing as close to straight-up as possible is the best way to go. Of course, it also needs to not hit stuff, and sometimes that means the caliper is better off on the backside of the front spindle, and other times it might be up in front.

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