Tesla issues its biggest recall in Australia, three out of four cars affected

Tesla Australia has followed its US and Chinese counterparts by issuing its biggest recall to date.

Tesla Australia has recalled 7055 examples of its 2014-2020 Tesla Model S and 2017-2020 Tesla Model 3 sedans for two separate faults – amounting to approximately three out of every four Tesla cars sold locally.

The two recall notices filed with the Australian Department of Infrastructure refer to the same faults described in overseas recalls published earlier this month, which in the US and China affected a total of 674,873 Model S and Model 3 sedans – or 29.1 per cent of the cars Tesla has ever produced.

A total of 7055 vehicles are affected in Australia, across 5143 examples of the 2017-2020 Model 3 mid-size sedan, and 1912 examples of the 2014-2020 Model S large sedan – together accounting for 73.6 per cent of the 9588 Tesla vehicles registered for use Australian roads in December 2020.

Mirroring the fault described overseas, the Department of Infrastructure’s recall notice for the Model 3 says: “Due to the routing of the rear-view camera cable through the trunk lid it may become damaged through repeated opening of the trunk lid. This will result in the rear-view camera not displaying on the centre console.”

“A loss of the rear-view camera may increase the chance of an accident causing injury or death while the driver is reversing,” the notice continues.

Meanwhile, in its recall notice for the Model S, the Department of Infrastructure says: “Due to a manufacturing issue the secondary bonnet latch may be located in the incorrect position, this could prevent the secondary latch from engaging as designed.”

“If the primary latch is released and the secondary latch is not engaged the bonnet may open without warning. This increases the risk of an accident causing injury or death to vehicle occupants and other road users.”

A full list of affected vehicle identification numbers (VINs) for the Tesla Model S is available by clicking here, and details for the Tesla Model 3 recall are listed here.

In both cases, the Department of Infrastructure advises: “Owners will be notified when parts become available and may then schedule an appointment after that notification with Tesla Service through their mobile-app.”

Owners of affected Tesla Model 3 vehicles are also advised: “Until the rectification work is completed [they] should ensure additional checks of their surroundings are completed while reversing.”

Click here to for more information on how to schedule a service appointment with Tesla Australia, or here to see if your Tesla’s VIN is affected.

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