The Ever-Popular Ford Explorer Now Costs More Than Ever Before

New pricing details have just been announced for the 2022 Ford Explorer, meaning it now costs more than ever before.

Ford unveiled the new Explorer in August and initially announced pricing details in November. However, prices have been updated yet again and some customers will need to spend as much as $1,070 extra over a 2021 model.

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Starting at the bottom of the range is the $33,245 RWD Base model which is now $320 more expensive than in 2021. Other rear-wheel-drive models to be hit with price hikes including the XLT, now starting at $36,145 (a $1,070 increase), the Limited priced from $45,495 ($240 more than 2021), Limited Hybrid starting from $50,280 ($175 more), the King Ranch priced at $53,610 or $1,010 more than 2021, and the Platinum, priced from $53,740, also a $1,010 increase from last year.

Prices have also increased across the range of 4WD models, Ford Authority notes. For example, prices for the Base and XLT models have jumped by $320 and $1,070 respectively while the $46,245 Timberline is now $230 more expensive than it was previously. The Limited and Limited Hybrid models have also increased by $240 and $175, the ST is $245 more expensive ($49,245), the King Ranch RWD commands $55,610 (a $1,010 increase), the Platinum Hybrid is available from $54,115 (a $780 increase), and the range is topped out by the $55,740 Platinum 4WD, $1,010 more than last year.

Various changes were made to the 2022 Explorer line-up for 2022, the most significant being the launch of a rear-wheel-drive ST variant with the brand’s familiar 3.0-liter EcoBoost V6 delivering 400 hp and 415 lb-ft of torque.

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