The Hyundai Ioniq Electric Has The Best MOT Pass Rate For An EV In The UK

Data from the UK has revealed that the Hyundai Ioniq Electric has the best MOT record in the country for an EV.

In the UK, an MOT is an annual test that determines the roadworthiness, safety, and exhaust emissions of most vehicles over three years old. An analysis from Move Electric has determined that the Ioniq Electric has a pass rate of 98.75 per cent, well above the average 87 per cent pass rate of 5,230 EVs recently tested.

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A number of other electric vehicles had impressive pass rates well above the average first-time pass rate of 84.46 per cent for petrol and diesel cars. For example, the second-generation Nissan Leaf has a pass rate of 97.70 per cent, placing it ahead of the Volkswagen e-Golf with a 93.94 per cent pass rate. Other EVs to have performed well include the Tesla Model X (92.08 per cent) and BMW i3 (91.81 per cent).

Other EVs with impressive pass rates were the Kia Soul EV (91.04 per cent), Smart ForTwo (90.63 per cent), first-generation Nissan Leaf (86.28 per cent), and Tesla Model S (86.16 per cent).

“The market for used electric cars is booming and our research shows that when it comes time for their first MOT test, they’re more likely to pass at the first attempt than petrol or diesel models,” Move Electric editor James Attwood said in a statement. “Another positive is the significant mileage many EV owners cover, which addresses the myth that electric cars cannot be used as daily transport.”

The average electric vehicle tested by the Department for Transport had 34,331 miles (55,250 km) on the clock. The Model S was well above this with an average of 51,516 miles (82,906 km).

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