This Royal Enfield Classic motorcycle is actually a modified TVS Flame 125 [Video]

Royal Enfield motorcycles are very popular in the modification circle and we have seen several examples of the same online. We ourselves have featured several tastefully modified Royal Enfield motorcycles. These motorcycle act as a proper donor bikes for several types of modifications. We have seen bobbers, Cafe racers, Scrambler and chopper styled modifications on Royal Enfield motorcycles in the past. Here in this article however here we have a video where TVS Flame 125 cc commuter motorcycle has been modified to look like a Royal Enfield Classic series motorcycle.

The video has been uploaded by The Rajveer Singh Vlogs on their YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger introduces a motorcycle that looks like Royal Enfield Classic. The motorcycle is finished in Stealth Black shade and looks pretty good but, when you look closely, you find there is something odd about this motorcycle. The proportions on this motorcycle do not look right.

Vlogger then mentions that this is not a regular Royal Enfield motorcycle. The shell and the body panels on this motorcycle as from a Royal Enfield. The wheels are also different in this bike. Original Royal Enfield Classic 350 or 500 comes with spoke wheels but, this one comes with black alloy wheels. The wheels have been borrowed from Hero Honda motorcycle an the front forks are from some other motorcycle. The engine on this motorcycle is however from a TVS Flame 125-cc commuter which is not available on sale anymore.

The head , instrument cluster and the handle bar on the motorcycle are from Royal Enfield Classic. The seats, fuel tank, fenders are also from Classic. The rear tyre on this motorcycle as mentioned above is from a Hero Honda motorcycle and is a very thin when compared to Royal Enfield. There is a gap between the tyre and the fender which is looking quite on the motorcycle. This motorcycle also comes with an aftermarket chrome silencer.

Vlogger then takes the Royal Enfield Classic replica motorcycle for a ride. It come with both self start switch and kicker. The exhaust note on this motorcycle is entirely different from a Royal Enfield. It misses the thump that people normally look for in a Royal Enfield motorcycle. The video on YouTube mentions that it is a Bajaj Discover 150 motorcycle but, we ran the registration number online and found that it is actually a TVS Flame. We are not sure whether the garage has placed the engine and body panels on the frame of a Bajaj Discover 150 or not.

The motorcycle seen here in the video is not the best modified motorcycle that we have seen till. There are several flaws in the modification that make it look very odd. One of the main thing that would strike you while looking at the motorcycle are the wheels. If he manages to fit in wider set of wheels then it might make it look a lot more convincing. Vlogger mentions that this motorcycle is actually available for sale however he does not mention the price.

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