This Slightly Used Ferrari F1 Simulator From 2021 Will Cost You $55K

Buying an F1 single-seater with its powertrain is a seven-digit affair, while even static mockups are selling for six digits. So what is the cheapest way to add a full-size F1 car in your living room while being usable? The answer is a simulator like the pictured model that is currently listed on eBay for £40,000 ($54,280).

While anyone can enjoy the great graphics of an F1 game from their PC or console without spending a small fortune, having an actual single-seater to sit in takes the experience to another level. Bucket seats, pedals and racing wheel accessories are great but they will never beat the squeezing inside the monocoque structure in your full F1 outfit – or even in your pajamas.

The simulator is called Ferrari F8 Formula 1 and was built in 2021. This means that both the design and the gaming hardware are pretty modern, even though the price sounds steep for what is essentially an oversized and realistic gaming controller.

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While the listing doesn’t have details on the specs of the machine, we can see a three-screen layout for a panoramic view of the track, a proper F1-style steering wheel with knobs and buttons, a keyboard, and a desktop PC on the right side of the single-seater. At that price, we expect it to have an impressive setup in terms of hardware, even though you can always upgrade it with the latest and greatest.

The simulator is currently kept in a garage together with a nice collection of sporstcars and supercars from the likes of McLaren, Porsche, Mercedes-AMG, and other automakers. However, we guess that whoever buys it will likely place it in a living room or gaming room as a showpiece that will likely gather many of their friends for a visit.

The £40,000 ($54,280) asking price is definitely a stretch since with that kind of money you could buy a proper sports sedan or hot hatchback. A cheaper alternative for F1 affictionatos would be to visit the Ferrari Museum at Maranello or Modena, and use the official F1 simulator that costs €25 for a full seven-minute race. This one doesn’t have the full bodywork, aero, and wheels of a single-seater, but it looks pretty realistic from the driver’s seat – although we guess that it doesn’t beat the $55k simulator, provided that you can afford it.

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