Ukrainian auto news website is doing its share

With everything horrible that is happening in Ukraine, some things are working as they should. Communication is a big part, which allows the world to see so much. Part of those communications is being able to provide vital information to those who need it the most.

Ukrainian auto site Motor Media Review is doing just that. Typical car news has taken a backseat to information that is more relevant not only to the conflict but also to the lives of everyday people. For example:

  • Sales of alcohol are prohibited. But that does not stop people from drinking and driving. So the website relayed the important message that at this point anyone caught driving with any amount of alcohol in them will have their vehicle confiscated. This includes any vehicle, even one that is not owned by the driver. The confiscated vehicles will be given to the Armed Forces. One instance of this has already occurred.
  • Another article shows how people attempt to sell captured Russian military equipment that has not been transferred to the Armed Forces. For instance, an MT-LB which is an armored personnel carrier, is listed for $500 or a trade for a Daewoo Lanos. Seems fair.
  • A list of what one can and cannot have in their car during martial law is an important one. It also lists what one should have in their cars during such times.
  • There is some news from Russia, too. Specifically that Russia is running out of new cars for sale (and probably money, too). That Hyundai and Kia may stop production in Russia. And that Renault is suspending operations there.
  • Important articles to the locals are ones where they should be removing road signs and that diesel restrictions have been lifted.

The website is full of short and interesting articles that are Google-translated quite well, so check them out. Click some ads, too.

Note: We at Hooniverse always stay away from topics of politics and religion. These are, however, extraordinary times and things relating to the current state of Ukraine are well beyond politics at this point.

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