Watch This Twin Turbo Corvette Hit 242 MPH Faster Than A McLaren F1

A modified Corvette Z06 went over 240 miles per hour at a Texas Mile event, earning the top score of the weekend and surpassing the top speed of an automotive icon.

Owned by Pierce Marshall, the 2011 Corvette Z06 Carbon Edition achieved a top speed of 242.7 miles per hour, a personal best for the car and driver, as well as surpassing the top speed of one of the world’s fastest production cars: the McLaren F1.

The vehicle was built by Andy Mages, a professional GM tuner and owner of ADM Performance in Lewisville, Texas. The Z06 would have come stock with a 7.0-liter LS7 V8, producing 505 horsepower, but in its place is now a 6.55-liter (400 cubic-inch) LME block fitted with two turbochargers.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any data about the horsepower of the engine, but a Facebook post from 2015 by Andy shows the same car as having 1,200 horsepower. We can assume that it’s making a lot more than 1,200 now, though.

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The Corvette hits a top speed of 242.7 miles per hour (390.6km/h) and earned it the top score of the weekend. The speed is just slightly faster than the 241.1 (388 km/h) mph top speed of the McLaren F1 (with a rev limiter), and it took the McLaren a lot more than 1 mile to get up to its top speed, making this a seriously impressive feat.

Of course, the McLaren F1’s top speed is impressive because it’s a production car that doesn’t require a parachute. While the top speed of the Corvette is impressive, it’s clearly a purpose-built race car that wouldn’t likely be taken on a long road trip, unless you were a real mad man.

The Texas Mile is a bi-annual event that lets drivers both amateur and professionals max out their vehicles in a safe environment, without getting a really expensive speeding ticket. The event was held at Chase Field Industrial Complex in Beeville, Texas, with the next event will take place from October 28th to October 30th, 2022.

The fastest car at the Texas mile is a modified Ford GT that achieved 300.4 miles per hour (483.4 km/h) in 2019.

Photos courtesy Texas Mile YouTube Channel

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