Woman tosses fruits off a vendor’s cart because it brushed against her car [Video]

This incident happened in Bhopal where a woman tossed all the fruits from a cart because the vendor’s cart brushed against a woman’s car. The video is recorded on 11 January and we can see in the video that the woman is throwing away all the papayas from the cart. The vendor can be seen requesting her but she did not listen.

We can hear the vendor saying that his cart brushed against the woman’s car and then he said sorry and moved ahead. The woman got out of his car and she was not wearing a mask then she started throwing the papayas out of his cart. In the end, she rolled over the whole cart and the papayas went down the drain.

It seems like the Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 that is parked on the side of the road was involved in the incident. This can be considered as an example of road rage. The driver of the Alto 800, the woman, in this case, got angry very quickly and started damaging the property of the other party.


Road Rage situations can get out of control very quickly

In this case, the street vendor did not respond violently and kept requesting politely. In case he would have also done something then the result could have been different. Road rage can escalate very quickly and things can get out of hand in a blink of an eye. It is very important that you keep a calm mind in such situations.

Prevention is better than cure

A person gets angry most of the time because he or she is getting late to reach somewhere. So, it is better that you always leave on time or a before time. This time you will have enough time to reach the destination on time and your mind will stay calm. Travelling with extra time will keep you relaxed.


Slow down, let other pass you who are in hurry, keep your mind calm and try to enjoy the drive. Drive smoothly and allow other drivers to smoothly merge. If you are on a roundabout then the drivers coming from the right side have a right of way so let them pass. If you see a car in front of you trying to come into your lane, let them come. All of this will help in avoiding accidents and road rage situations.


Even if something happens, you should be the bigger person so apologise, smile and move on. This can prevent a situation which can escalate into a full-blown argument. If the other driver is being aggressive, it is important that you do not lose your control and do not react. It is important that you stay calm and try to get out of the situation as soon as possible.

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