Wuling MINI EV GameBoy Edition Adds Extra Fun, Power And Range To China’s Best-Selling EV

This is the Wuling MINI EV GameBoy Edition, a special variant of China’s best-selling electric vehicle that will be sold in four distinct guises.

Fittingly, the MINI EV GameBoy’s four themes are all inspired by video games. The first is dubbed ‘Hurricane Phantom’ and combines matte black paint with bright red accents; the ‘Jungle Crossing’ is finished in camo green and is inspired by military combat games, the brown one is named ‘Party Sweetheart,’ and the ‘Interstellar Roaming’ is finished in white.

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While these unique exterior finishes make the GameBoy Edition stand out from regular models, a host of broader changes have also been made to the pint-sized EV. For example, it sports revised headlights with LED daytime running lights, a tweaked grille, and new front and rear bumpers. The dimensions of the car have also been tweaked so it is now 80 mm (3.1 inches) longer than the standard model at 2,997 mm (117.9 inches) while the height has been decreased by 17 mm (0.6 inches) to 1,604 mm (63.1 inches).

Some significant changes have also been made to the powertrain of the MINI EV GameBoy Edition. Most notably, it now sports a 26 kWh lithium-iron-phosphate battery pack driving an electric motor with 41 hp, a healthy jump over the 27 hp of the standard model. It is understood that the enlarged battery pack will boost the car’s range to around 186 miles (300 km) on a single charge, well over 100 km (62 miles) more than the standard model.

Local pricing for the car is not known but it is expected to go on sale in the coming months.

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