YouTuber spends one year building a Bugatti Chiron replica

I can’t believe it’s not a Bugatti! Although it looks the part, this Thai-built replica of a Bugatti Chiron supercar is far from the real thing.

A popular Thai YouTuber called Nhet TV has posted a video revealing his handmade replica of one of the world’s most powerful and most expensive cars – the Bugatti Chiron.

Although convincing at first glance, the replica of the $5 million ‘hypercar’ is built rather crudely.

As the video depicts, underneath the body – made out of layers of sculpted fibreglass and clay – is a hand-crafted steel chassis and humble four-cylinder engine rather than a quad-turbo W16 from the real thing.

And rather than being all-wheel-drive as per the real thing, the make-shift Chiron has a mid-mounted engine that powers the rear wheels only.

The video shows the replica is capable of being driven slowly – a far stretch from the 440km/h top-speed of a 2022 Bugatti Chiron Super Sport.

According to the video’s title, the project took a “full 365 days” to complete.

It’s not the YouTuber’s first attempt at a home-made supercar. The channel has also built a “low cost DIY Ferrari” and “self-made Lamborghini“.

Watch the full video below.

A Thai-Built

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